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February 9, 2022

Growing Our Caregiver Community

In a time of uncertainty with an unprecedented industry-wide staffing shortage, Tribute’s Caregiver community is growing and delivering the highest quality in home care.

We built Tribute over the past 10 years by celebrating the Caregiver. That’s become an integral part of our company culture, and our clients see the benefits of this every day. At a time when many firms are shortcutting the hiring process to meet demand, Tribute’s hiring and care quality standards have never been higher.  We may not always have the availability to work with as many families as we’d like, but our commitment to bringing you remarkable Caregivers and quality service come first.

Here’s how we’re adapting to today’s environment and growing our Caregiver community in 2022.

Expanded Our Recruiting Team

We expanded our recruiting team to increase our Caregiver cultivation in each of our markets. They bring more of the personal touch we’re known for with every candidate conversation about their local community, schools and training programs, and the clients and Caregivers they’ll be working with.

Continually Evaluating and Improving the Applicant Experience

The Caregiver hiring process is longer and more involved at Tribute than at other firms. We’re bringing candidates along this journey with new communications at each stage of the process.  We’re investing in tools to help our recruiting teams work smarter, including a new leading-edge applicant tracking system with faster access to the information our teams need to personalize every touch.

Increasing Wages

Paying Caregivers a wage and benefits package that reflects the value they provide our clients has always been a priority. Market conditions have changed, and we’ve responded by increasing our pay rates to appeal to the best candidates in the market.

Providing Financial Security

Many of our talented Caregivers appreciate the level of financial security we provide with our salaried program, Tribute Secure.  We’ve expanded the reach of our Tribute Secure salary program to guarantee at least 40 hours of pay a week so qualified Caregivers can focus on what they love doing without worrying about losing money as client needs change.

Growing Referral Hires with Charitable Contributions

Our Caregivers love working at Tribute, and they love to share it. More than 50% of our Caregivers today came from personal referrals.  To make referrals even more meaningful, we started the “Share the Care” referral program. Tribute celebrates every referral, whether we hire them or not, with a charitable donation in addition to our referral bonus. Caregivers selected to donate to UNICEF for children’s polio vaccines in developing countries.  Our quality hires from referrals have never been higher.

Celebrating Caregiver Spirit

The passion and enthusiasm of our Caregivers is the best recruitment tool there is. We captured this spirit in some new videos of Caregivers sharing their heartfelt stories about working at Tribute. We stepped up our social media game to celebrate the many amazing client reviews and caregiver success stories shared with us. Visit our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages for a look at the Tribute experience.

Strengthening CNA School Relationships

We’re investing time in the CNA schools in our local communities.  Our talent acquisition teams are actively involved with the schools to present classes about careers in home care and attend graduations to recruit top students to our training program.

Our team delivers to these high standards every day. We may not always have the availability to take on a new client.  When we do, you will always receive the highest quality care and service. That’s our commitment to you.