Tribute Caregiver Awura smiling

Our Story

Tribute launched in 2012 with a mission to reinvent home care. Founders John Sneath and Arona Bauer improved the home care experience by building a close-knit community of remarkable people who not only provide extraordinary care but do it in a way that lifts the spirit of everyone we touch. When talented Caregivers are valued and work together in a highly supportive environment, the care and love they provide clients will be the best in home care. That’s the Tribute difference.

We’re committed to bringing clients what they want more than anything else:  a connection with a warm and engaged Caregiver, and highly responsive, solution-oriented customer service visit after visit, wherever we’re needed. Our care teams strive to create the best working environment in home care. One that sets Caregivers up for success at the start of their time with us and rewards them with a lifestyle that enables them to grow and support their families. A culture of celebration has evolved to become a family-like environment.

In the past 10 years, we’ve grown to 9 locations and over 350 remarkable Caregivers who provided over a million hours of care last year. Our clients and their families feel the difference; Tribute has among the highest employee review star ratings in all of home care.

Our Mission: Remarkable Caregivers. Lifted Spirits.