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Hiring & Development

Tribute hires only the most qualified Caregivers that match a success profile that’s been refined over the past ten years.  We’ve developed the most rigorous and disciplined job hiring process in home care – only 3% of applicants are hired into our training program.  Our standards are high and we never hire to meet demand.

All Caregivers have passed a lengthy job interview process with extensive background checks, personal reference checks, and health screenings.

Job Interview Process

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Evaluation of the Application

All applications are reviewed for quality, experience, and commitment to caregiving.

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Talent Acquisition Interview

Our Talent teams in each market interview each qualified candidate looking for energy, intelligence, warmth, and effective communication.

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Caregiver Excellence Manager Interview

Caregiver Excellence Managers are seasoned interviewers who ensure the candidate has all of the required Tribute Qualities.

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Team Assessment

Candidates are then reviewed with the entire hiring team and the Executive Director before we make an offer.

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Reference and Background Checks

All candidates reaching this stage go through reference checks and our 8 point background check process.

Background Check

When we interview a potential Caregiver, we always complete a thorough check into an applicant’s identity, background, and an evaluation of their caregiving skills.

Verification of Identity
Nationwide Criminal Background Check
Verification of Employment History
Verification of Employment Eligibility
Three Verbal or Written References
Verification of Professional Licensure or Certification
COVID Vaccination
Skills Assessment