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Remarkable Caregivers

Tribute’s difference is our Caregivers. We’ve reinvented home care with a focus on the Caregiver that’s unsurpassed in the industry.  We hire the best and provide them with extensive support, training, and growth opportunities to ensure their happiness and continued success.  


Tribute Caregiver Vitha smiling at Tribute Home Care

Vitha | Tribute Caregiver

Profile of a Caregiver

It’s no surprise that finding Caregivers with the qualities that make for remarkable caregiving is the single most important thing we do. To be hired as a Tribute Caregiver, all candidates must have these core Tribute Qualities. We make no exceptions to this standard. Not for availability or technical ability or anything else. Too much is at stake.

  • Warm

  • Compassionate

  • Patient

  • Trustworthy

  • Deep Committed

  • Skilled

  • Flexible

  • Problem Solving

Hiring for Excellence

Tribute has the most rigorous and disciplined hiring process in home care. We typically hire about 3% of all caregiver applicants. We embrace our Caregivers with the support, recognition, and celebration they deserve.  We never hire to meet demand.

Only 3%

We typically hire about 3% of all caregiver applicant

Over 50%

Of Our Caregivers were hired from personal referrals

Hiring & Development
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Tribute Caregivers Dana and Alvin Smile together at Tribute Home Care

Professional Development

Tribute works to engage the hearts and minds of our Caregivers, so they arrive at our clients’ homes excited about what they’re doing, appreciated for their contributions, and equipped to handle whatever situations arise. We make sure Caregivers are trained and fully prepared for every client visit with all the supplies they’ll need.

Tribute Caregivers Alex, Tess, and Karen smiling together at Tribute Home Care

Caregiver Excellence

Our industry-leading Caregiver Excellence team maintains our high standards and goes above and beyond to help Caregivers feel valued and supported. We strive to be the best home care company our Caregivers have ever worked for.  We know that when Caregivers love what they do and where they work, clients benefit tremendously.  

6 separate Tribute Caregivers smiling and holding flowers from Tribute Home Care

Culture of Celebration

Celebration is at the heart of the Tribute experience.  Our culture enables Caregivers to walk into clients’ homes feeling great about themselves, the team they work with, and the opportunity they have to connect deeply with your family.  

We’ve seen the impact this has had. We have among the highest employee star ratings in home care. Our Caregivers love working here, and they are excited to share the opportunity with their friends and family. More than half of our Caregivers are personal referrals from other Tribute Caregivers.