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May 18, 2022

Meet Our Spring Caregiver Award Winners

We love to celebrate our remarkable Caregivers every day here at Tribute.  Several times a year we shine the spotlight on the ones who go above and beyond to deliver the most remarkable client experience.  We call these our “Remarkable, Personified Awards”, as they represent the Caregivers who best represent our mission and what it means to our clients.

Several of our recent “Remarkable, Personified Award” winners sat down with us for a short video interview.  They shared personal stories about what inspired them to pursue a Caregiving career and the attributes that make Caregivers remarkable.  It is fascinating to hear what drives and motivates people to do such meaningful work.  We hope you enjoy meeting them as much as we enjoy working with them.


Tribute Chicago Award Winner: Shanise Morris


Tribute Baltimore Award Winner: Salamot Matthew-Emmanuel


Tribute Boston Award Winner: Bernadine Hanson