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August 8, 2022

Share the Care Helps UNICEF

Tribute’s Share the Care Caregiver referral program just completed its summer 2022 event. We’re excited to share that our Caregiver community helped UNICEF provide 26,000 water purification tablets to communities in need, making over 1 million liters of water safe for drinking.

Share the Care is our way to help grow our Caregiver community, reward Caregivers, and do something good for those in need.  For every caregiver referral Tribute Caregivers make during each 3-month Share the Care event, we make a donation to charity, whether they are hired or not.  It’s important to us to show our appreciation to Caregivers for thinking enough of us to send their friends and family members our way.  If the referral is hired, the Caregiver sending the referral to us receives a case bonus.

Caregivers vote to select the charity we support, and even on where the money goes. In the recently concluded summer event, Caregivers selected UNICEF to help children in need.

UNICEF has a great site where you can shop the donation gifts they provide so you can select where your money goes and how many people it will benefit.  Caregivers chose water purification tablets for the summer donations. In our spring event earlier this year, Caregivers chose polio vaccine drops.

Caregivers often say Tribute feels like a family and we’re excited that so many want to share the experience with others.  Check out some of our Caregiver Award interviews to get a sense of how Caregivers describe what Tribute means to them.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the summer Share the Care programs, and welcome to all the new Caregivers who’ve joined our team!