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February 6, 2024

Tribute Home Care Opens a Free Certified Nursing Assistant School with a Guaranteed Job at Graduation

Tribute Home Care announces the opening of a new Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) School in Baltimore, Maryland, that includes a full-time salaried job for graduates. Tribute’s CNA School enables those with a passion for caring for others to earn their CNA license at no cost and embark on a rewarding career as a CNA Caregiver with one of the most highly regarded employers in home care.

Aspiring caregivers enrolling in Tribute’s CNA School will participate in a comprehensive 4-week training program that combines classroom sessions with nurses and hands-on training at a local senior community. Tribute covers all costs for the training. The program is certified by the Maryland Board of Nursing, ensuring the highest education and training standards.

Upon successful completion of the program, Caregivers will have their CNA license and a guaranteed full-time salaried position as a Caregiver with Tribute. They’ll join a dedicated team caring for seniors in the Baltimore area, while earning a guaranteed salary, comprehensive health benefits, a 401k retirement program, and paid time off.

  • “Working as a CNA Caregiver with seniors may be the most rewarding job someone will ever have,” said Tribute Home Care Founder and CEO John Sneath. “We want to make this career accessible to more people who love caring for others but lack the work experience to get a good job in this field. Tribute jumpstarts this process. You’ll earn your CNA license for free in less than a month and start work immediately with a full-time salary at Tribute, the best place to work in home care.”

Tribute Home Care has one of the highest employee satisfaction scores in the home care industry on Indeed. A survey conducted in 2023 revealed that 90% of Tribute Caregivers highly recommend working at Tribute, reflecting the organization’s commitment to a supportive and family-like work environment.

Traditionally, CNA certification training in Baltimore can cost between $1,000 and $2,000. Tribute Home Care breaks down this barrier by offering training free of charge and hiring all graduates to full-time salaried jobs. The salary, benefits, and paid time off they receive provide a level of security that is unique in the home care industry. Most agencies compensate Caregivers on an hourly basis, often leading to irregular and unreliable paychecks.

The Tribute CNA School in Baltimore is scheduled to start in April 2024. Detailed information about the program and application procedures can be found on Tribute’s website at