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Caregiver Profiles

We have over 400 Caregivers working with families across our offices.  Meet some of our remarkable Caregivers to learn why they were drawn to caregiving and what motivates them to lift the spirits of their clients at every visit.

Tribute Caregiver Orana smiling

Orana Jeanlys

Meet Orana


Why did you choose to become a caregiver?

When my mother and father were sick, I provided care for them. That was when I first realized that this was the right path for me. I wanted to support and comfort other families in the same way. I always care for clients as if they are my own mother and father.

How do you start building a relationship with a new client?

After introducing myself, I give them the opportunity to speak their mind. As I listen, I’m careful to not only pay attention to what they’re saying with words, but also what they’re saying with body language. Once I know the client’s expectations, likes, and dislikes, I’ll have a good feel for how to break the ice and start a deeper conversation.

How do you overcome the challenges of working with a client who doesn’t want help?

Whenever I provide care for a challenging client, I begin by asking myself, “If not me, then who?” That question puts me in the right mindset. The whole reason for me being with a client is to lift their spirits, so even if a client doesn’t want help at first, I will continue trying new strategies to help them feel comfortable opening up to me.

Tribute Caregiver Crystal smiling

Crystal Dreyfus

Meet Crystal


How did you get into this field?

I have always had a passion and interest in working with the elderly but never acted on it as a career. I was in a sales position working on my business degree and asked myself “what would make me happy?” I talked to a few friends who all agreed that I would make a great caregiver so I went to CNA school, got my training, and applied to Tribute. I haven’t looked back since!

What brings you joy in this work?

I visit with the same client every morning and I’ve seen such a transformation in her since the day we met. She looks forward to our visits and has opened up so much since then. Knowing that I’m her sunshine makes me feel like I’m giving her the most important thing that she needs and that brings me joy.

Tell me about a time when you lifted someone’s spirits.

The other day I worked with a woman who was having her carpets replaced. The gentleman managing the installation didn’t explain what was happening and my client was overwhelmed, so I went room by room with the carpet samples and put her furniture next to the swatches. She didn’t think to do that and was so grateful for my help. It’s all about doing the little things that aren’t in your care plan – that’s what makes the difference.

Tribute Caregiver Violny smiling headshot

Violny Garcia Castro

Meet Violny


How did you get into this field?

I chose to become a caregiver because I always wanted a career that would have an impact on people’s lives. Helping people has always proved to be rewarding to me. Being a CNA offered an opportunity to be involved in the medical field while also providing chances to grow my career.

What does Tribute mean to you?

Tribute to me means “Quality”. Tribute is a company that has demonstrated concern for the well-being of employees, focuses on growth opportunities, and offers flexible arrangements to meet the needs of its employees. It is a diverse and inclusive workplace that offers a range of opportunities for the clients that need aid, as well as the geographic regions those clients are located in.

What brings you joy in this work?

Knowing the amount of assistance and help I can provide to a client is gratifying. It’s important to me to be able to support my clients and understand everything that they need to live their lives. The clients have a sense of comfort with me, and I almost feel as if I am a part of their family because of how much time we spend together. Providing that sense of security is very fulfilling, and experiencing an emotional connection with the clients through providing care brings so much joy to me.

Tribute Caregiver Nana smiling

Nana Essien

Meet Nana


How did you get into this field?

Being a caregiver is a call to serve. I have always wanted to support and help others and contribute to my community.  I became a caregiver to spread joy to those I have the opportunity to assist. We all need caregivers at some point in our lives, and if I can assist someone today I hope someday I’ll have the same kindness and care.

What does Tribute mean to you?

Tribute means so much to me and not just as an employer. Tribute are my family and friends. Tribute brings fulfillment to me with opportunities to care for our elderly and those who need our support and care. tribute gave me not only a job, but a chance to serve others.