Hiring for Excellence

Our Caregiver Associate hiring process is rigorous by design. It’s a highly-disciplined, 4-step process. We expect to hire very few of the people who apply. We want to be very sure that we see what our clients are going to see.

We hire 1.5%
of applicants.

image of job applications
image of people icons

Only 1 in 10 of those
we interview.

We never hire to meet demand.

Every person we hire must make it through the following four steps

Evaluation of the Application

Here we’re looking for thoroughness and the right kind of experience.

A conversation over the phone

Here we’re looking for energy, intelligence, warmth, and great communication

An in-person interview

A seasoned interviewer must see, and must be able to convince two colleagues, that the candidate has all of the Tribute Qualities.

A second, in-depth interview

A different interviewer must also see, and must also be able to convince the Executive Director, that all Tribute Qualities are evident.

Background Check

When we interview a potential Tribute caregiver, we always complete a thorough check into an applicant’s identity, background, and an evaluation of his or her caregiving skills

Verification of Identity

Nation-wide Criminal Background Check

Verification of Employment History

Verification of Employment Eligibility

Three Verbal References

Verification of Professional Licensure or Certification

Health Screening

Skills Assessment