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Open Visits on the Tribute Viv App

  • Pick up Visits

  • Potential for More Income

  • Easier Scheduling

  • See all the Client Needs in Your Area

All on the new Tribute Viv app!  Tribute has made it easier to see all the client visits in your area.  Select the visits you’d like and submit your request.  Are you open to different hours or locations outside your immediate area for your next client?  Simply, change the settings and view a new world of new client opportunities. The new Tribute Viv app update puts the power of visits in your hands.

3 Steps to Get Started

Step 1. Update Your Tribute Viv App

Select the link below for your phone to download the updated Tribute Viv app.  If you have auto-update turned on in your app, you already have the latest app version.  You can skip to Step 2.

iPhone Apple App Store

Android Google Play Store


Step 2. View This Step-by-Step Instruction Video

Step 3. Select Your Visits

Log into the app and start viewing your schedule and the open visits in your area.  Looking for some tips as you learn this? Check out our new quick reference guide.

View: Open Visits Quick Reference Guide.